Penny's Pooch Care - Dog Walking, Sitting, & Transporting
Price List
This list gives a basic price estimate for Penny's Pooch Care services. All prices are subject to change and depend on driving distance, holiday care, and availability.
Penny offers a free 30-minute consultation to talk about her services & your pooch.
Pooch Parade
  • 20-30 minute walk   $20
  • 1 hour walk/play  $35
  • Prices are based on one pooch. Please add $5 for each additional dog.
  • Add $5 for dogs that are difficult to walk and/or require a choke collar. 
  • $5-$10 travel fee may be added if your pooch lives outside of the NW OKC area 
Pooch Potty
  • This mid-day or mid-evening check-in includes letting your pooch out to potty, feeding them, playing with them & making sure they are ok while you are gone.
  • I work around your schedule to make sure my visit is beneficial to your pooch.
  • 30 minute check-in - $20
  • $5-$10 travel fee may be added if you live outside of the NW OKC area.
Pooch Pajama Party
  • Small dog boarding (in the comfort of my home) 
  • Dog(s) must weigh 25 pounds or less
  • Dog(s) will not be kept in a kennel or outside. They are free to roam the house.
  • Rates start at $30/night 
Pooch Taxi
  • Rates start at $15/one way trip & depend on how far your pooch needs to ride!
  • Add $5 for each additional pooch transported
  • Pooches can be transported to/from the groomer, day care, vet, etc.
Please call 830-9132 or fill out the Contact Me page to set up a free consultation.
I can also be reached by e-mail at
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